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Shoah Memorial Project

Update on the Shoah Memorial Project
Dear Fellow Congregants,
We are so very close to the realization of an important dream for our community. We ask for your
patience and support as we identify the best way to fulfill the dream of a Shoah Memorial at the OJC.
We are fully and fervently committed to making this project a reality.
For many years the Holocaust Committee and many others in the OJC community have persevered
in their quest of having a fitting memorial to the innocent souls lost in the Shoah and those who, against
all odds, survived. The memorial will allow us to fulfill our obligation to bear witness and never forget. It
will be an indispensable venue for educating our children of the important lessons of the Shoah and the
resilience of Am Israel. Whether or not you've seen the architect's rendering, please be assured that this
memorial will not be a place of disturbing images and recollection of the horrors of the Shoah. Our
memorial will be a place to celebrate life: at times a place of quiet contemplation and other times a
place of energetic activity and, most importantly, a place for education for all.
This past summer the OJC Board of Trustees gave final approval to plans for creation of the Shoah
Memorial and authorized the Holocaust Committee to seek donations from our community. The
committee pledged to seek donations for a period of 6 weeks and promised to hold any donated funds
until the donations matched the cost of the memorial. The 6 week period has been complete with
amazing results! More than 40% of our congregation has provided financial support and, in this short
time, the committee has been able to raise almost the full estimated cost of this project. These
achievements are astounding and confirm that our community believes that the Shoah Memorial is an
essential part of our campus.
With this great success, the board and the Holocaust Committee have now taken a new approach to
make this project a reality. Working with the architect and contractors, we are identifying ways to match
the plans to the available funds. We are confident that this analysis will result in changes that will allow
us to complete the project without sacrificing the beautiful design and aesthetic elements of the
memorial. So, we ask that those on the Holocaust Committee who have persevered and worked
tirelessly to bring this project to fruition and those who have chosen to give their financial support
remain patient for a few weeks longer in anticipation of an announcement that the Shoah Memorial will
finally be a reality at the OJC.
L’Shana Tova
Lloyd Fishman, President
Michael Pucci, Senior Vice President
Lawrence Suchoff, Holocaust Committee Chair

Mon, May 21 2018 7 Sivan 5778