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OJC strives to exemplify welcome and inclusion to people of all levels of abilities. Our active Committee for Inclusion of Special Needs educates our congregation to demonstrates positive attitudes in the following ways:

  • Emphasize talents, strengths and gifts rather than labeling people by their disabilities.

  • "Walk the talk" by investing in accessible parking, large-print materials, improved sound and lighting and installing wheelchair ramps.

  • Give adults and children with disabilities opportunities to serve others, rather than always be the recipient of assistance.

  • Don't let invisible disabilities, such as learning disabilities, mental disorders, cancer or heart disease, prevent people from being active members. 

  • Include children of all abilities in religious education classes and provide appropriate support.

  • Provide accommodations so that religious and lay leaders can continue to serve if they become affected by disability, if they desire.

  • Create a caring community  that connects with and supports families dealing with disabilities, offering assistance, respite and social support.

  • Include the words “All are welcome. Please call so that we can provide accommodations for your participation.” in all event announcements.


For more information and to get involved, contact Leslie Cooper.

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