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The Torah describes two types of giving necessary for the upkeep of the portable sanctuary, the mishkan. The half shekel is the minimum donation that each person who wants to be counted among the congregation must bring. Beyond the half shekel, God invites people to give as their hearts move them. In the end, the people bring so enthusiastically of their resources that Moses must tell them to stop giving! If only every charitable institution faced such a problem!

Membership in our synagogue is certainly one way to support our ongoing efforts, our professional resources and our facilities. In this day and age, however, many people choose not to affiliate, and instead to support institutions when they are inspired to do so, as a free--will or a thanksgiving offering. In truth, our synagogue relies equally upon the half shekel donation; the donations of those whose hearts move them to give of their talents, their time and their financial resources; and the donations of those who are moved by their experience of engagement with our synagogue as a guest
or a long-distance visitor who has been inspired by our work and our Torah.

Whatever has moved you to consider giving in support of the OJC's mission, we thank you for your consideration, and we hope you will share your enthusiasm with others!


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Sat, March 23 2019 16 Adar II 5779