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    The following are the funds available for your consideration:


    1. Bernard Schiffmiller Sacred Text Collection  (BSST) – Provides our children with Chumashim and other Jewish texts for the congregation.                 

    2. High Holiday Mahzor Dedication (BSST-HHM)              

    3. Youth Siddur Dedication (BSST-YS)      

    4. Siddur Lev Shalem Dedication (SLS) 

    5. Chesed Fund (CF) - Provides transportation, meals and companionship to our congregants in times of need.

    6. Inclusion Fund (IF) In order to improve accessibility at OJC, money from this fund is used for assistive systems, programs, and special materials.

    7. Israel Scholarship Fund (ISF) - Provides subsidies to our Congregants' to fulfill their dreams of traveling to Israel.

    8. Kiddush Fund (KF) - Pays for the Kiddushim for all of the Shabbat mornings that a Kiddush is not sponsored by a member of the congregation.

    9. Mustacchi Ramah Scholarship Fund (MRSF) – Provides scholarships to our youngest members to attend Ramah Day Camps.

    10. Rabbi Scheff Discretionary Fund (RSDF)

    11. Rabbi Drill Discretionary Fund (RDDF)

    12. Kulanu - Religious School (RS) - Helps offset the expenses of running our Religious School.

    13. Ritual (R) - Provides for the general operations of the Orangetown Jewish Center.

    14. Styrofoam Free Fund (SSF) - Subsidizes the additional costs of purchasing environmentally friendly products at the OJC.

    15. Sustaining Membership Fund (SMF) - Provides dues assistance to our congregants in financial need.

    16. Walerstein Education Fund (WEF) - Provides tuition assistance to children attending the Religious School.

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