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At the OJC, we seek to meet the intellectual, social and spiritual needs of congregants who are empty-nesters through our Hazak program. Hazak, a national program of the United Synagogue, is a successful avenue for participation for congregants aged fifty to ninety.

Through the years, we have taken many trips together: Jewish Heritage Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the New York Botanical Gardens and Jewish Theological Seminary Rare Book Room in New York, to name a few.  We have traveled as well to historic sites in Westchester and Orange counties, seen plays in New York and at New Jersey Performing Arts Center, walked the streets of the Lower East Side and participated in the interactive program at the Wiesenthal Center for International Tolerance.

We have spent meaningful and spiritual Shabbatot together at retreat centers, traveled to Philadelphia, and even spent two weeks together in Israel. Through the winter months, we gather at the synagogue for Lunch, Learn and Games as well as an annual Lunch and a Movie.  Hazak is a great way to know your fellow congregants in a relaxed and fun setting.

Hazak means "strength" and we seek to honor the strength of people's wisdom and experience whenever we gather.  Each year an ad hoc committee plans activities for approximately six trips or meetings.  We are always looking for new ideas and workers, so if you are interested, contact Rabbi Drill at

Upcoming Hazak Events

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