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Michael was born in Michigan and raised on Long Island with a brief sojourn in the Bronx where he contracted polio. While not something he would choose to repeat (the polio, not the Bronx), nevertheless, living with polio has shaped his life. Michael graduated from Brooklyn Prep High School (yes, a daily commute on the Long Island RR… and, no, he didn’t have any good reasons beyond adolescent whimsy). After a degree in psychology, some impromptu travel, some deep thought (i.e., where to party) and a push out the door from his mom, he studied pharmacy and later got a PhD. While working in NYC, Michael met his future wife, Hara. They moved to Rockland County and, in 2001, joined the OJC. Michael fulfilled a growing commitment with conversion to Judaism. His friends, teachers and mentors at the OJC continue to guide his path in life. Michael has been active in the Men’s Club and with various committees. Michael has served on the Board of Trustees as Secretary of the Executive Board since July, 2014.



Executive Board

Adele Garber

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Leslie Levinson

Sharon Aach

Glenn Hirsh

Alan Pressman

Glenn Kissler

Lloyd Fishman

Board of Trustees

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Gregg Brunwasser

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Harriet Wolf

Carol Jacobs

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Vice President - Ritual

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Financial Secretary

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