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The core of Youth activities is built on our participation in the national youth programs of the Conservative movement – Ruach, Kadima, and USY. Read about each of these unique programs below to find out more about what the OJC has to offer to our youth.

Ruach is a synagogue program for children in grades three-five. This program meets monthly for social, educational and community service activities and serves as a gateway for children to become active in Kadima and eventually USY. The Hebrew word “Ruach” means spirit and it is this group that helps to uplift the children as they light the way for the youngest members of our congregation.

Kadima is a youth program designed for pre-teens in middle school, from sixth through eighth grade. Each year, Kadima hosts a variety of events, both on a small and large scale. The Kadimaniks have the opportunity to socialize, learn, perform tikkun olam and just plain have fun with one another. 

United Synagogue Youth, or USY, is a branch of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism which caters to teens in high school grades nine through twelve. The OJC chapter is an active member of the Koach division, which includes synagogues in Orange, Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam Counties. The EMEK division is one of three divisions located in the Metropolitan New York Region.

In 2012, OJC's USY Chapter received the distinct honor of International USY Chapter of the Year for the first time in OJC's history for our outstanding commitment to the organization.  OJC USY won the METNY Chapter of the Year in 2019 for the third time in the past thirteen years. And... it is with great pride that we have had the distinct honor of having had the best Social Action/Tikkun Olam Program in METNY for the past three years.Our weekly teen program, Na'aseh is our prized programming. Na'aseh is designed for teens in grades eight through twelve and includes a wide variety of topics regarding shaping one's Jewish Identity and contributing to each teens Jewish Education in fun, social, and interactive ways.


Na'aseh's New Offerings in 2019

  • Social Action Sundays- meeting once a month, changing the world one deed at a time, providing community service opportunities

  • HAM and Cheese...Hands on Arts and Media- meeting once a month, exploring new medium with friends... social media, cooking, film directing and even God.]

  • Teen Leadership Council (TLC)- meeting once a month, learning how to create and market your own programs for school, friends, clubs, etc.; Compete all seven sessions and receive Teen Leadership Certificate.

  • Shabbat Teen Tish- select Saturdays, come and enjoy delectable desserts at the Scheff home while engaging in conversations about the big and not so big with your rabbis.

  • Lounge Nites- as often as we can have them... we will so you can hag, play and bond in our Brand New lounge all decked out with TV, music, video, ping pong, ... the works!

Upcoming Youth Group Events

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