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More than 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered during the Shoah, the Holocaust. The Kaddish Project honors their memories and, while they are gone, they should not be forgotten. These Jewish children didn't have someone to protect them or provide safe havens for them. Many years later we have the opportunity to "adopt" them.

Each person, family, or friend group can "adopt" a child who perished in the Holocaust. "Adopting" a child can be a very emotional process, where you are tasked with recalling the memory of the child you select all year round. Since the exact date of their death is unknown, we ask that you pick a date that is meaningful to you or the child's story and do your best to not only say Kaddish but also spend a few extra minutes keeping their memory alive. Please talk about them at minyan, tell their story to a few people, or something meaningful to you. Too many of these children were taken from the earth way too early.

Please participate in the Kaddish Proje
ct and join the many OJC members who have already done so.


Read through the available biographies by clicking below. Once you have made your selection, click on their name and complete the linked form so you can receive a notice each year in the weeks leading up to the yahrzeit date.


Yashar Koach and may their memory be for a blessing! Todah Rabah for taking on this incredibly significant task.

Questions??? Contact Carol Jacobs -

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