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Mission & History

Founded in 1959, the OJC is one of Rockland County's largest Conservative congregations, with close to 500 member-families. We're an egalitarian synagogue, devoted to promoting the highest ethical, moral and religious standards while fostering respect for ourselves and others.  Emphasis is placed on the values of connection to God, Torah study and attachment to Israel. 

The atmosphere at OJC is warm and welcoming, inclusive and participatory. We conduct evening minyans every day of the week, and morning minyan on Sunday, a family service one Friday night each month - and, of course, Shabbat and holiday services year-round. Our synagogue plays host to an extensive variety of social, charitable, educational and outreach programs serving the entire Jewish community - and the community at-large. We invite you to join us in prayer, study, social action -- and interaction. We welcome your participation and input in helping us shape our committed and vibrant community.

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