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Join us virtually for the holidays.

Since we won’t be together physically for the High Holidays, please support the OJC and reserve your virtual holiday seats!

How it works: Submit your tax-deductible donation* via the "purchase cutout" button below, then follow the photo instructions and "see" yourself during our live services with your fellow OJC members. 


  • Individual: $136

  • Couple: $250

  • Family with children under 18 years: $250 plus $22/per child

  • Full-size "ushers": $360



1. Have a friend or family member take the photo for you and hold the phone vertically.

2. New photos work best, pick a solid painted wall and get ready to smile. Feel free to use your Smartphone - no selfies, please.

3. Find a space with good lighting, solid color background. Make sure your shirt and the background are contrasting colors.

4. High Holiday attire is preferred.


5. Only one person per seat/in the photo. 

6. Remember, keep your arms and hands down next to your body. Make sure to face the camera and capture at least your waist up.

7. We are unable to create cutouts that include any of the following: obscene or offensive language, advertisements, political endorsements.

8. Preferred file size is 2448 x 3264 at a 72 DPI. The Cutout at full size is approximately 20” x 30”. If your file is smaller, keep in mind the image may appear blurry.


9. Give your best smile and say, "Shanah Tovah!"


10. Please submit your photo to 


The OJC reserves the right to reject any submission for poor quality or

inappropriateness. Images that include obscene, explicit, discriminatory, derogatory, offensive, political or otherwise inappropriate content are strictly prohibited and will be rejected.


Additionally, if you would like to submit an “OJC was there for me when...” and would be comfortable having us add your sentiments to our future emails or mailings, we would appreciate your sharing your thoughts. (See below example) please submit with your photo.

*OJC reserves the right to use your image for promotional purposes such as future mailings, on-line and the Shaliach.

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